Happy Summer!!


One of the best things about owning your own home-particularly in the summertime-is the opportunity to enjoy your privacy and to entertain guests.  Want to make the most of these luxuries?  I've compiled a list of fun summer activities that I thought you might enjoy.


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Teresa Seay

Broker Associate, Lamplighter McCoy Real Estate




Barbecue: Nothing says summertime as much as an old-fashioned barbecue!  Do you have friends or family who still haven't had the chance to see your beautiful new home?  Invite them over for an afternoon of sun, fun, and a tour of the house.


Campout fun: Another longstanding tradition is the summer campout-but this doesn't mean you have to drive hundreds of miles to find a great location.  Your backyard is a great camping spot!  Dig the flashlights, tents, and camping gear out of the garage and thrill the kids with a backyard campout!


Cool and clean: It might not sound like fun, but having a neighborhood car wash is a great way to keep cool and make friends with the people who share your street.  Rally the neighbors and make a day of it-the kids will have fun squirting each other with the hoses, and you'll have a shiny, clean car!


Who dunnit: Throw a mystery dinner party, and invite your guests for an evening of fun and intrigue (and show off that dining room!).  Kits can be purchased at most toy stores (or via the Internet) for a reasonable price, and you'll have a wonderful evening that will be memorable for everyone!


Grab a mallet: While you may have once thought that croquet was a “sport” for fuddy-duddies, it is rapidly growing in popularity.  Show off your perfectly manicured lawn by inviting a few friends over for an afternoon croquet party.  If you're feeling really adventurous, try some horseshoes as well!